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LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)


Natural gas is one of the least polluting of fossil fuels. It liquefies at -160°C, thereby reducing its volume by 600 times and facilitating its transport by sea, between demand and supply that are constantly getting further and further away. After being received at methane import terminals, LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is stored, regasified and then distributed via the natural gas transportation network.

Expansion is a dimensional factor for the construction of pressurised devices and piping, and is a challenge in a closed circuit. In LNG, it results from :

  • the cryogenic temperature

  • pressure constraints

  • safety coefficients

  • constraints specific to the methane carrier, such as the hogging sagging. 

Value Chain of Liquefied Natural Gas


Since the 1960s, SFZ has been a pioneer in developing solutions for equipping methane carriers and gas import terminals, meeting their requirements with minimum overall dimensions and reliability at the best price.

SFZ has collaborated with European shipyards since the construction of the first membrane ships. It has also equipped all LNG carriers manufactured in Europe, which were then exported to Asia.

By the late 1990s, SFZ became a reputed player in the world of LNG and today is listed by more than 200 LNG carriers. It collaborates with several international principals, such as :

  • shipyards

  • ship owners

  • engineering firms

  • terminal operators

  • classification societies.

SFZ possesses reputed experience and know-how in equipping Membrane or Moss LNG carriers as well as in liquefaction or regasification units, thereby enabling us to provide cryogenic expansion joints for a significant part of the global fleet.

Our international reputation, our certification and our database, maintained since the 1960s, are all advantages tha will help you throughout the service life of your LNG carriers.

LNG carriers views


SFZ is an expert in the manufacturing of cryogenic expansion joints for:

  • gas and liquid lines

  • deck crossing pieces

  • compressor room

  • gas domes.

We focus on adapting convolution profiles manufactured exclusively by hydroforming.

SFZ quickly developed its own convolution profile, the omega ZH, which is particularly suited for severe constraints such as those in naval applications: cryogenic temperatures, hogging, sagging, fatigue and pressure.

Our bellows profile allows combining flexibility and maximum pressure resistance with a reduced number of layers: 2 stainless stell layers or a stainless steel/ nickel alloy combination.

SFZ is also ABS, LR, BV, DNV and Rina certified

We use regular testing and inspection campaigns:

  • cycling (cycling tests at 2,000,000 cycles)

  • pressure (burning tests at 5 times the design pressure)

  • destructive tests

  • essential tests for obtaining the "Type Approval" et l’agrément cryogénie navalecertification and the naval cryogenics approval

Safety and reliability of the products are major concerns of SFZ: our products are capable of bearing continuous operating constraints, in a stressful environment, with a service life that is almost the same as that of a LNG carrier.

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