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SFZ was founded in 1962. Its premises have been located at Chassieu since 1968, in the suburbs of Lyon.

After producing its first circular bellows by molting, SFZ quickly developed the hydroforming method in 1975 for all its production .

Since the 1960s, SFZ has been equipping the largest French LNG carriers, and since the 1970s, it has participated in developing France's nuclear power installations. From the 1980s, DFZ diversified its markets with petrochemicals, chemicals, steel production and district heating. 

In 1986, SFZ merged with the IWKA group that was renamed as the Boa Group in 2007.

After obtaining the ASME U Stamp certification in 1987, SFZ became ISO 9001 certified in 1996.

The 2000s corresponded to its development on the global scale.

In 2002, SFZ became PED (modules H and H1).

Since 2017, SFZ has become part of the Rattay Group.

In 2022, the production of expansion compensators is carried out in the Danish subsidiary of the Rattay group


The synergy of the Rattay group offers you a qualified and high-quality service for all your expansion joint and hose issue.

Contact us for many more information at or

+33 (0)4 72 47 62 00.

The Rattay Group sets great store by law-abiding, ethical behaviour in all its business activities with its business partners, whose principles are embodied in a Code of Conduct.


SFZ is a subsidiary of the German group Rattay, the registered of which is located at  Hünxe (Düsseldorf).

Created in 1978, this company benefits from an international reach and is specialised in the applications of expansion joint hoses for all types af industries.

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